A Platform to Facilitate Discussion

In order to facilitate discussion of the most recent breakthroughs and explore an alternative mechanism for selecting presentations, we are using a new process which we outline below here. (Please note that this is very different from usual workshop and venue submission/reviewing process).

We have invited a small number of leading experts in the field to serve as our Program Committee (PC). PC members can recommend papers and speakers (selected outside their own groups and conflict of interest) for the Symposium, based on papers they have read or talks they have attended recently. There will be no formal review process to select papers. Instead, papers and talks will be selected based solely on our PCs recommendations.

Community Discussion

In order to let the broader research community (including the authors of research papers) contribute to the discussion, we have developed a website that:

  • Allows members of the broader research community to post links to papers (optionally with a short description of the work). This should be done non-anonymously. These papers could be on arXiv, a personal web page, or previously published, but not behind a firewall.

  • Allows the broader research community to post comments about papers. Authors are welcome to participate in the discussion about their papers. Comments can be anonymous or not.

  • Allows PC members to privately discuss and recommend to the Organizers papers and presenters to invite at the Symposium.

  • PC members may leverage this resource (as well as any other source of information they have available) for their recommendation until their due date. The website hosting the paper urls and comments will be maintained and be publicly visible even after the Symposium. Anybody who is registered will be able to comment and contribute to discussions (whether anonymously or publicly). However, only the PC members are allowed to make their recommendations to the organizers.

Selection Process

Here is a summary of the workflow for the selection of papers:

  • Anybody who is registered can non-anonymously post paper urls and comments at this website. This will be one of the channels used by our PCs to get access to papers for their recommendations.

  • PCs recommendations are due by a given due date.

  • Based on the PC and community comments, the Organizers will invite authors to present (either oral or poster presentation) at the Symposium. Invitations will be sent out starting TBD.

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