representation learning by denoising autoencoders for clustering-based classification

Moein Owhadi-Kareshk and Mohammad-R. Akbarzadeh-T.

Representation learning is a fast growing approach in machine learning that aims to improve the quality of the input data, instead of insisting on designing complex subsequent learning algorithms. In this paper, we propose to use Denoising AutoEncoders (DAEs), as one of the most effective representation learning methods, in Clustering-based Classification (CC). CC is a multi-class classification solution for large-scale and complicated data sets. In this approach, data are divided into small and simple clusters, which are described by One-Class Classifiers (OCCs). In the proposed Representation Learning for Clustering-based Classification (RLCC), the new representation of each cluster is generated locally to increase the performance of OCCs in term of accuracy. This method still preserves the scalability property as one of the significant advantages of CC methods. RLCC is evaluated with six different data sets from UCI. The results of the experiments show that RLCC has higher generalization power compared to the standard version of CC.

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